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How does data deduplication affect disaster recovery (DR)?

Kevin Beaver discusses how data deduplication can affect disaster recovery in this ask the expert response.

How does data deduplication affect disaster recovery (DR)?

From my perspective I think data deduplication affects disaster recovery (DR) in two ways:

1) Helps speed up the data recovery process.
2) Helps ensure that you have the right data to move forward with. There's hardly anything that can get in the way of doing business than restoring the wrong dataset after a problem and then realize you have to restore the data all over again.

What is data deduplication?

Data deduplication is a data backup process that eliminates redundant data, therefore reducing the amount of data that needs to be backed up. And using data deduplication has many benefits. Less data to store often leads to lower storage costs, and efficient use of disk space often allows for longer disk retention periods.

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