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Good project management is essential for a successful DR program

Good project management is essential for a successful disaster recovery program. Paul Kirvan discusses this important issue in his Expert Response.

Why is good project management essential for a successful business disaster recovery plan?

Once you have obtained funding and management support for a disaster recovery (DR) plan for your business, you’ll want to set up a program office to coordinate all activities. Good project management is an essential component of a DR program, and tools such as Microsoft Project can help ensure that all relevant activities are identified, prioritized, scheduled and completed on time and within budget. A business disaster recovery plan and its many component activities make for a complex, multi-phase project. For example, you may have many people to interview, multiple meetings to schedule, several business unit plans to develop, awareness and training programs to design and schedule, exercises to plan and execute and many more. It’s virtually impossible to manage all these activities effectively and within budget without good project management.

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