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Does a cloud storage gateway offer DR-specific functionality?

Paul Kirvan discusses whether cloud storage gateways offer disaster recovery-specific functionality in this Expert Response.

Are there cloud storage gateway appliances that offer DR-specific functionality? Or are the feature sets similar from product to product?

Since cloud gateways are used to connect customer system and networks to external cloud storage services, they are a natural for data storage and recovery activities.

Some cloud gateway vendors include backup and recovery as service offerings. These are important because they serve as an important value-add to the vendor's other offerings, which are primarily used to facilitate Storage as a Service. Differences among products are more in terms of approaches to connectivity and types of storage protocols (e.g., NFS, iSCSI) than specific backup and recovery activities.

Traditional network gateways were designed to provide protocol conversion between different networks, thus making it possible for different networks to communicate efficiently. Cloud gateways operate in much the same way, providing connectivity and access to cloud storage resources for a wide variety of customer IT operations.

Research firm Gartner believes that gateways will stimulate increased use of cloud-based services because gateways will simplify connectivity issues, among others.

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