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Do cloud disaster recovery providers allow users to access data?

Some cloud DR providers offer provisions that make it feasible for an organization's employees to work remotely if the office is not accessible.

Every cloud-based disaster recovery provider does things a bit differently. Cloud-based DR is usually about backing up on-premises servers to the cloud so they can run on cloud servers during an outage. Not all cloud disaster recovery providers make special provisions to allow users to continue to do their jobs, but those that do typically offer one of the three options below.

In some cases, allowing users to continue to work after a major disaster would mean cloud disaster recovery providers hosting virtual desktops in the cloud. Employees would be able to use a thin client device to connect to a remote virtual desktop to access workloads running in the cloud. Some organizations already use a virtual desktop infrastructure to create virtual desktop pools in the cloud as a way to prepare for data center-level failures.

In other cases, users may work primarily from Web-based applications. In these situations, there isn't much that cloud disaster recovery providers need to do to allow users to continue to work. DNS records would have to be updated so users are redirected to cloud-based Web servers (if the application was not hosted in the cloud), but users could continue to work from any device with a compatible Web browser.

A third option would be to use a VPN to access the cloud environment. This approach would usually require the organization to set up a cloud-based VPN server. In these situations, users work primarily from applications installed locally on their own devices, but access shared data stored on cloud-based resources.

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How do your disaster recovery providers allow you to access data in an outage?