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A disaster recovery plan can be expensive. How do you convince management of its necessity?

Kevin Beaver gives advice on how to convince management to spend money on disaster recovery costs in this Ask the Expert response.

Disaster recovery costs can be expensive -- how do you convince management of its necessity?

Convincing management that a disaster recovery (DR) plan is necessary to mitigate business risks and prevent potential disasters can be like telling our government leaders to stop spending our money -- it's next to impossible.

However, even if management doesn't initially listen to you, this doesn't mean you can't make an impact. A lot of disaster recovery procedures and information security is handled the wrong way by cramming fear, uncertainty, and doubt down managements' throats. That doesn't work long-term.  

In order to convince management of the necessity of a disaster recovery plan in your company, you need to do three things:

1. Establish your credibility to get them on your side.

2. Get (and stay) involved with the business to show that you understand where they're coming from and what they're up against.

3. Show that your effort and their money are adding ongoing value to the business. Building relationships and learning to communicate effectively will do wonders for getting management on your side with disaster recovery.

Also, keep in mind that not everything related to DR is expensive. Once you gain the trust and assurance of the management team, everything else should eventually fall into place.

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