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Disaster recovery checklist for new building owners

Independent DR expert Paul Kirvan offers a disaster recovery checklist for new building owners in this Expert Response.

We recently relocated from a rented space to a building we purchased. Many of the DR responsibilities at the previous location were handled by the landlord -- one example was a backup generator for power outages. Do you have a disaster recovery checklist of things we need to address at our new location?

There are many things to consider depending on your company's specific needs. Here's a good start:

  • Physical security to prevent unauthorized access
  • Backup power systems
  • Secure and lockable storage areas for spare systems and components
  • Cross-training of staff in key functional areas so there will be backup staff in case of illness
  • Documented and regularly exercised technology disaster recovery plans

It's likely that you already have some sort of IT disaster recovery plan in place from your previous location. However, a move is a good time to revisit IT DR as well. Be sure to have the following:

  • Information security to prevent unauthorized access to networks and systems
  • Backup copies of all applications
  • Backup devices (e.g., servers, routers, switches) that are periodically tested to ensure that they work
  • Offsite copies of data (e.g., data mirroring and replication, cloud-based disaster recovery, or offsite tape storage)

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