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Data recovery on home network

I have a Tritton 120 NAS system. When I try to retrieve certain graphic files, the folder shows up but not the actual files. I have rebooted and checked other folders. Is there a data recovery program I can use over a home network?
The first question is: "What happened to the files?" Was there some accidental deletion or is there a script that executes periodically and deletes those types of files? I wouldn't be surprised by that. There have been some reported problems earlier with directories disappearing and required a new level of firmware. This is detailed on the Tritton Web site. Click here for more information.

You might also want to run the administrator tool and check your file shares.

Recovery is only possible if you performed a backup. Backup is the most fundamental process for IT if you want to protect yourself. If you've done one, use the restore software.

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