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DR/BC planning for an older building

Independent DR expert Paul Kirvan discusses specific considerations for disaster recovery and business continuity planning in an older facility.

Our office is in a rented space in a very old building. What steps can/should our disaster recovery and business continuity planning include to predict/prevent downtime resulting from issues related to the facility itself? We like the building and location and don't want to relocate.

If nothing else, DR/BC planning for an older building should start with a step that calls for consulting an architect who has expertise in commercial building construction and retrofitting to determine what needs to be done to upgrade your space to a more modern infrastructure. Consult with experts in HVAC, electrical power, plumbing and security as well.

Since you are in a rented space, if the landlord has no interest in modernizing the building's infrastructure other than the minimum effort needed to remain compliant with local building codes, then make sure your disaster recovery/business continuity plan calls for an investment in backup power systems, such as portable generators; data backup and replication to protect applications, databases and data (cloud technology can be useful here); robust networking wiring and equipment; and security cameras and motion detectors to mitigate potential intruders.

Make sure you also have documented and regularly exercised business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

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