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Costs associated with mobile recovery services for disaster recovery

Independent disaster recovery expert Paul Kirvan discusses the costs associated with mobile recovery services in this Expert Response.

I've heard about DR services that provide essentially ready to use mobile office spaces. Are these services expensive? Can you offer some examples of those types of services at different price points?

Mobile recovery services typically involve specially outfitted trailers that are driven and situated at pre-configured locations. Tractors and their mobile recovery trailers can take upwards of three to four days to arrive on-scene following a disaster declaration.

Costs for mobile recovery solutions are affected by the number of people who will occupy the space, how the space is outfitted (e.g., largely empty space into which furniture is loaded up to fully furnished office areas), where the facility will be shipped, the level of urgency for delivery, and the availability of suitably configured trailers. A very minimal configuration (e.g., mostly empty space) may start at under $5,000/day. Take that same trailer and outfit it with furniture and typical office amenities, and the rate could easily escalate to $10,000/day or more. Larger trailers equipped to support 10 to 15 people can range from $15,000/day to $35,000/day. And if your requirement is for multiple trailers, the rate could approach $75,000 to $80,000/day.

Mobile recovery solutions are viable for companies that wish to maintain a presence in the area where a disaster occurred. The investment can be significant.

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