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Consider failover and failback when choosing a hot-site provider

Learn about the importance of failover and failback, along with high-speed data mirroring, in this Expert Response from Paul Kirvan.

Do disaster recovery hot-site providers offer advanced functionality like failover and failback for organizations with very tight recovery time objectives (RTOs)?

If your disaster recovery requirements include failover and failback, add these to your request for proposals (RFPs) from hot-site providers. Failover and failback can be performed by your IT department, and a number of products are available (e.g., Double-Take software products from Vision Solutions Inc.) to simplify the disaster recovery process. Make sure your hot-site vendor candidates support high-speed data mirroring so that the data needed for your low-RTO systems will be available as soon as you need it.

Not every data storage vendor or hot/cold site firm offers data mirroring. You may have to select a separate mirroring vendor to partner with the hot/cold storage vendor. Of course, price points for the increased storage and network bandwidth requirements (which are passed on to the client) will be higher.

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