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Build the right DR program by defining roles, responsibilities

When launching a disaster recovery (DR) program, you need both planning and technical experts on the team, says Paul Kirvan in this Expert Response.

Who should be part of the disaster recovery team, and what are their roles and responsibilities?

When launching a disaster recovery (DR) program, you’ll need both planning and technical experts on the team. Planners gather the information, conduct the research, compile the results and develop the DR plans. Technical experts provide the hands-on knowledge that ensure the right steps will be taken, in the proper sequence, when recovering and restoring technology and related assets. They can also participate in plan exercises and assessments. Finally, you will also want to identify employees who will be involved in all aspects of a disaster recovery effort, e.g., performing initial damage assessments, assisting in relocating employees to alternate locations, coordinating company actions with local authorities and first responders, and supporting the recovery of damaged systems and returning the organization to business as usual.

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