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Top disaster recovery tips of 2008

The importance of effective disaster recovery (DR) in storage, networking, data center management and data security has never been more evident. For your convenience, we've collected our top 10 DR tips from this past year.

The importance of effective disaster recovery (DR) in storage, networking, data center management and data security...

has never been more evident. For your convenience, we've collected our top 10 DR tips from this past year. For more great tips on DR personnel issues, facilities management, risk assessment and DR outsourcing, check out our tips and news sections, which are constantly being updated.

TIP #1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Create a business impact analysis in 10 easy steps:

A business impact analysis (BIA) is crucial to a DR plan. This tip will identify the processes, systems and functions that are critical to a DR plan and help you allocate resources to ensure operational continuity during unexpected events.

TIP #2------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Strategies for locating a recovery site:

Locating a DR site requires careful preparation and research. In this tip, several factors are discussed that must be addressed upfront when considering the option of an alternate recovery site.

TIP #3------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Business continuity planning on a shoestring budget:

Upgrading DR capabilities is now a major priority for IT decision makers in SMBs. This tip discusses how your business can do business continuity (BC) planning on a constrained budget.

TIP #4------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How to create a corporate policy for disaster recovery:

The temptation to execute a DR strategy without the proper planning upfront can often be overwhelming. This tip discusses how establishing a corporate policy up front can properly set the scene and will have a big payback for your business down the road.

TIP #5------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Five questions to ask disaster recovery service providers:

For many companies, DR and BC planning are rushed reactions to a disaster. However, proactive DR and BC support can be established with relatively little time investment by employing DR outsourcing services. This tip provides five questions you should ask before choosing a DR service provider.

TIP #6------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Business impact analysis for SMBs:

A business impact analysis (BIA) can be the most daunting task in BC planning and its complexity sometimes overshadow its value to SMBs. This tip offers a simplified approach by focusing on the essential elements of a BIA.

TIP #7------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Disaster recovery planning in a virtualized environment:

When crafting a DR strategy in a virtual server environment, storage administrators must take into account their data protection, recovery granularity and restore objectives. This tip explores best practices for executing DR in a virtualized environment.

TIP #8------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ten things you must have in your DR plan:

While DR plans are made to be followed, the recovery team must be given the flexibility to deviate from the plan's tasks while still following recovery objectives. In this tip, ten tips for ensuring the success of a DR plan are revealed.

TIP #9------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How to create a Windows disaster recovery plan:

When disaster strikes, or site outages occur, there's absolutely no substitute for a carefully crafted, well-orchestrated and thoroughly tested DR plan. The following list is a helpful reminder of the key points to consider when developing a DR plan.

TIP #10----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Change management and disaster recovery:

How can your organization get a handle on change management as it relates to DR? In this tip, learn how you can please IT auditors and show management that their DR money is being well spent by leveraging effective change management.

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This was last published in December 2008

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