Disaster Recovery Planning-Management

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    Our Storage magazine/SearchStorage.com 2013 Salary Survey offers encouraging news: pay for storage pros rose again to an average of $98,082. Salaries have climbed steadily over the decade, but new capacity demands and other challenges have inc... 

  • Best practices in disaster recovery tests

    DR testing is frequently put off or overlooked entirely. However, many surveys show that IT pros are not confident in their ability to recover in a timely manner following a disaster. There are a variety of reasons why IT people lack confidence in th... 

  • Developing effective DR/BC plans

    Business continuity/disaster recovery planning is frequently overlooked, delayed or underfunded, because it can be painful to spend time and money on risk mitigation. As a result, we often read survey results that show IT managers are not confident i... 

  • Disaster recovery planning: 10 tips to help you avoid costly missteps

    Storage magazine for March 2013 features advice from disaster recovery (DR) expert Jon Toigo, who outlines 10 key points to keep in mind when developing and implementing a disaster recovery plan. Storage is a key element of any company's DR pl... 

  • Virtual disaster recovery planning in the enterprise

    Virtual disaster recovery planning is a multifaceted activity that fails over a virtual machine from a primary site to a remote location. There are a few approaches to facilitating disaster recovery in a virtual machine environment. Learn about look ... 

  • crisis management

    Crisis management is the application of strategies designed to help an organization deal with a sudden and significant negative event. A crisis can occur as a result of an unpredictable event or as an unforeseeable consequence of some event that had ... 

  • disaster recovery

    Disaster recovery is the area of security planning that deals with protecting an organization from the effects of significant negative events. Significant negative events, in this context, can include anything that puts an organization’s operations a... 

  • network disaster recovery plan

    A network disaster recovery plan is a procedure designed to prepare an organization to respond to an interruption of network services -- such as Internet access, wide or local area network operation and wireless networking functionality -- during a n... 

  • emergency management plan

    An emergency management plan should include measures that provide for the safety of personnel and, if possible, property and facilities. 

  • disaster recovery (DR) test

    A disaster recovery (DR) test is the examination of each step in a disaster recovery program, as outlined in the business continuity/disaster recovery (BCDR) planning process.  

  • call tree

    A call tree -- sometimes referred to a phone tree -- is a telecommunications chain for notifying specific individuals of an event. 

  • business continuity software

    Business continuity software is a software application or software suite for documenting the critical information a business needs to stay running in spite of adverse events. 

  • business continuity plan audit

    A business continuity plan audit is a formalized method for evaluating how business continuity processes are being managed to determine whether the BC plan is effective and in line with the company’s objectives. 

  • data center resiliency

    Data center resiliency is the ability of a server, network, storage system, or an entire data center, to continue operating even when there has been an equipment failure, power outage or other disruption. 

  • ISO 22301 (International Organization of Standardization standard 22301)

    International Organization of Standardization standard 22301 (ISO 22301) is a proposed standard that would call for meeting specific societal security requirements for disaster preparedness and business continuity management systems (BCMS). It is cur... 

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About Disaster Recovery Planning-Management

The planning phase is crucial to the success of any disaster recovery (DR) initiative. This topic section provides administrators with up-to-date news and how-to information about the personnel, staffing, training and documentation needs related to DR. In addition, this section discusses the best practices for mitigating risks, analyzing potential business impacts, personnel issues, documentation, change control and performing RTO and RPO assessments.