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Disaster Recovery Topics

Facilities & Operations

A disaster recovery (DR) plan can only be as effective as the operations and facilities that serve the plan. This topic section provides up-to-date news and how-to information for ensuring that the operational processes and housing of a DR plan are effective in the event of a disaster. Check out this section to learn more about failover and failback protection, server virtualization, power as well as best practices for maintaining recovery site systems and data. More about Facilities & Operations


Communication is obviously vital to your business, so networking is a critical element in disaster recovery planning. This topic section offers up-to-date news and how-to information about voice and data communications, WAN acceleration/optimization, network services and recovery site configuration. More about Networking

Planning & Management

The planning phase is crucial to the success of any disaster recovery (DR) initiative. This topic section provides administrators with up-to-date news and how-to information about the personnel, staffing, training and documentation needs related to DR. In addition, this section discusses the best practices for mitigating risks, analyzing potential business impacts, personnel issues, documentation, change control and performing RTO and RPO assessments. More about Planning & Management

Services & Outsourcing

Disaster recovery (DR) services can provide an organization with an effective option for addressing their DR needs. This topic section discusses the affordability and effectiveness of various services to help you decide which will best address the needs of your business. Check out this section for up-to-date news and how-to information surrounding electronic vaulting, hosting services, hot sites and mobile sites. More about Services & Outsourcing


Disaster recovery (DR) and data storage go hand-in-hand and a good DR plan must carefully consider how data is stored and protected. This topic section offers news and how-to information about data storage for disaster recovery. Learn about replication, DR testing tools, virtualization, tape backup, disk backup, global file systems, clustering and archiving. More about Storage

Small business disaster recovery

Explore pertinent information for small businesses that want to create a successful disaster recovery plan, including tips on using disaster recovery services for small business and a disaster recovery plan template, as well as other testing, policy and tool advice. More about Small business disaster recovery

Cloud disaster recovery

As cloud-based disaster recovery expands and options grows, you can find the latest information on evaluating and implementing disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) and other aspects of moving to a DR in the cloud strategy. More about Cloud disaster recovery