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August 2014

How disaster recovery in the cloud impacts IT modernization

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This chapter is included in the Overcome today's disaster recovery challenges E-Book.

When discussing the modernization of IT, the conversation usually begins with the cloud. Even when it doesn't start with the cloud, the dialogue often ends up there. Yet, there are issues that must be considered when discussing data protection and disaster recovery in the cloud.

Some IT admins will replace their legacy backup product with a backup service. Others will supplement their backup product with cloud storage. Still others will add cloud-based DR to their on-premises backups. And, finally, some struggle with balancing their primary production workloads that have moved to the cloud.

This chapter looks at backup as a service, which may be a good option for organizations struggling with their legacy backup product. It investigates when cloud-based storage should be leveraged and when to adopt a hybrid architecture, as well as backing up storage as a service.

About The Author

Jason Buffington - Senior Analyst

Jason Buffington, a senior analyst for the Enterprise Strategy ...Read More



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